Iowa County Astronomers was formed in September 2006. We are a group of like-minded astronomy enthusiasts that meet monthly to discuss current topics in space science and spend time observing together. All are welcome at our meetings. We have no dues and our only requirement is the ability to look up and say "Wow!" This website will keep you up to date on the latest astronomy happenings in Southwest Wisconsin and meeting times/places/agenda.

We have an email list that we use for announcements and discussion. If you would like to join, visit our Google Group page and click on the join button.

For more information, contact John Heasley.

Next Meeting Friday, November 9 at 7 pm QLF Agronomy Research Center

QLFARC is at 3625 State Hwy 23 North (formerly Thym’s just north and across the hwy from our old location at the main QLF bldg. and just south and across the hwy from the Don Q airplane).

 Dinner:  Aztlan Downtown Dodgeville 233 N. Iowa at 5:30.

 RSVP by Friday morning if you would like to dine with the club. 

 Meet and Greet (10 minutes)

We like to set aside time for people to socialize and to catch up with one another before we get down to astronomy.

News/equipment/events (15-20 minutes)

This is a time to share general astronomy items before we focus on our theme for the month.

         Club Calendar: Check out the 2019 meeting dates!  

So  Solstice Party?

Theme: Carl Sagan’s Birthday (30-45 minutes)

Lynda will be leading the festivities.


After the meeting (around 8:30pm) at Bethel Horizons if skies are clear and conditions allow.  Sunset 4:44.  AstroTwilight 6:21.  Gentle Reminder: We are sharing a telescope with BH and are guests in their space.  Please speak softly so that others may enjoy their time there as well.  Park in the lot rather than along the road.   Or we might just stargaze a bit from the QLF parking lot depending on conditions.

2018 Meetings (typically the Friday before New Moon)




Jan 12

7:00 PM

2018 Planning/Milky Way Models
Conn:  John
Dinner: Subway

Feb 16         

7:00 PM

State of Our Milky Way (Prof. Bob Benjamin)
Conn:  John
Dinner: Bob’s Bitchin BBQ

Mar 16

7:00 PM

Stars: Life and Death (Clif)
Conn: John
Dinner: Pizza Hut

Apr 13

7:00 PM
Dodgeville Public Library

Mars Curiosity Rover (Dr. Rebecca Williams)
Conn: Lynda
Dinner: Aztlan

May 11

7:30 PM

Saving the Night (Dave)
Conn:  John
Dinner: China One

Jun 8

6:00 PM
Twin Valley Picnic Area

Gov. Dodge Solstice Picnic Potluck
Conn: John
Dinner:  Yummy stuff from members

Jul 6

7:30 PM

Astronomy Apps (Jean)
Conn:  John
Dinner:  Red Room

Aug 10

7:30 PM

Favorite Astronomers (Lynda)
Conn:  Lynda
Dinner:  Culvers

Sep 7

7:00 PM

Photographing Star Trails and Milky Way (Pat)
Conn: John
Dinner: Dino's

Oct 5

7:00 PM
Dodgeville Public Library

In Search of the Darkest Skies (John Rummel)
Conn: John

Nov 9

7:00 PM

Carl Sagan Day!  Voyager’s Golden Record (Lynda)
Conn: Lynda
Dinner: Aztlan



Solstice Party



Attachments area

Maps for observing locations:

Check the current agenda for our observing location. Links to maps for each site are below.  Park sticker required for the three sites at Governor Dodge.

Bethel Horizons - Twin Valley - Meadow Valley TrailheadCox Amphitheater -

Need Help with your Telescope?

We often hear from people who own a telescope and don't know how to use it. If you'd like to learn how to use a telescope, bring your telescope to any of our meetings--we've got lots of experienced people who would be glad to help! 

Quick links

Clear Outside - Forecast of sky conditions

Heavens-Above - Predictions for the ISS and other satellites

SpaceWeatherLive- Forecast for northern lights.  We need a KP above 5 to see aurora.

AstroGadgets - John Wunderlin's very useful desktop program

The Sky This Week - Weekly astronomy column by David Oesper

Driftless Stargazing - John Heasley's FB page for awesome sky events in our area

The International Dark-Sky Association works to protect the night skies for present and future generations

UW-Space Place - Space Museum in Madison. Regular presentations and guests.

Universe in the Park - UW Astronomy programs and stargazing in WI State Parks

Astronomy Picture of the Day- Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

Ed Ting's Guide to buying a telescope

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